Tantric massage

“A journey through conscious, loving, sensual touch to connecting with your deep inner SELF and directing your life energy in the right direction.”

In tantric massage we work with intention. The intention is very important and it has to be precisely defined because the energy generated during the massage can help us fulfill the intention. Often surprisingly quickly and accurately.

The generation of energy during a tantric massage consists in awakening the perception of the physical body and its energy, using various types of touch – from earthy, firm touches to gentle stroking, shimmering, which only your energetic body registers. Touching can be done with hands, feathers, silk, fur and other tools, as agreed. With the breathing techniques and special strokes, the energy is distributed further along the body and around it (into the energetic body). Chakras are opened and we awaken energetic angelic and dragon (devil) wings.

The whole series of touches, awakenings and work with breath can then increase the energy in our body so much that we reach states of euphoria, altered states of consciousness, dissolution of the body and other experiences that are often related to the intention set at the very beginning of the massage.

For more information about tantric massages, you can visit the website of the studio I work with www.harmonyspa.cz, or you can contact me directly using the contact form below.

Kahuna body work (hawai’i lomi-lomi massage)

“When we change the patterns in our body, we change the patterns in our mind. When we change the patterns in our mind, we change our lives.” (Kumu Abraham Kawai’i)

Massage (“lomi lomi”) was traditionally practiced in the Hawaiian Islands as one of the kahuna healing arts and for relaxation. It is a full-body, therapeutic massage, which leads to altered states of consciousness and the feeling of the body dissolving.

The massage involves smooth, rhythmic strokes of the hands, elbows and forearms to stimulate the flow of energy in the client’s body and synchronize their breath and heartbeat.

When working with the body, the Kahuna therapist applies oil to the client’s body before performing rhythmic strokes, allowing their hands to glide freely and the client to reconnect with their inner self and transform on a cellular level.

As a holistic bodywork, Kahuna massage removes energy blockages in the body and allows life to flow freely through the mind, body and spirit. Long, flowing and stretching touches reconnect the individual to the core of his being and restore balance to his life.

I offer massages primarily in tantric massage studio Harmony Spa in Prague. However, another location can be chosen by agreement.

Massage prices range from CZK 1,000, depending on the length and type of massage.

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