Coaching with Eliska makes you feel safe. You get to the depth of your own self and you have the energy and courage to invent and look for a suitable solution to your life puzzle. It’s not easy, but with Eliska you’ll have a much more enjoyable time.” Vasek, Prague

“I had a coaching session with Eliska, where we looked together at one area in my life. Eliska showed me several techniques that suited me and I liked them. During the session, I confirmed to myself that I already have a lot of clarity in the given area and some aspects have been sorted out better for me. For me, I recommend Eliska as a coach :-)” Lucka, Prague

"Hello, the massage from Eliska was one of the best tantric massages I have ever experienced. The massage was amazing. From the beginning I felt safe and I felt trust in Eliska. She guessed exactly what I needed during the massage that day. It was a combination of relaxation and excitement. She is an angel. After the massage I felt wonderful, I didn't want to get up at all :) I was like a UFO dropped me and I needed a moment to land back in my material body." Ondrej, Prague

I’ve been coached by Eliska several times and I’m always surprised by how she can give me strength and calmness, which she warmly embraces every time. Using interesting coaching techniques, can help me transform everything so that I suddenly see things clearly. Moreover, I relax and am able realize everything quickly. For me, coaching is an indescribable experience that can untangle the impossible in life.” Marta, Prague

Eliska, as a coach you are a light for me in the darkness and fog of the worries I am dealing with and the ambiguities in life. And at the same time a safe and friendly hand that accompanies me. Thank you for the personal sense of understanding you provide and the structure you can give. Also for the questions with which you help me open up for the next journey.” Jitka, Liberec

“Eliska, whom I met during our coaching training, is exactly as she presents herself on her website. Courageous, adventurous, smart, inquisitive, sensitive and with a deep overlap thanks to her extensive experience of traveling, meditating and living in other cultures. All this gives her a great equipment for the coach journey she embarks on after completing our coach training. I can definitely recommend her because she has great potential to guide you on a deep meaningful journey in your inner world using safe and gentle coaching techniques that she has mastered well.” M.Sc. Zorka Pekarova, author of the requalification training for professional coaches Transformation coaching for life, 2020.