Ritual cacao is the cacao in its purest form. Minimally processed, retaining its original taste and a lot of healthy vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Cacao was already used by the ancient Aztecs as medicine for the heart (our Spirit) and nourishment for the body.

Its versatility, delicious taste and subtle effects allow for a wide range of uses in cacao ceremonies. During the ritual, you can choose from a number of activities and techniques, such as dancing, singing, breath work, creation and others. Usually, the more people participate in the ritual, the greater its power.

I myself most often work with cacao in personal mini-rituals, to support creativity, finding solutions/answers to challenging life situations and to connect to my own heart.

Cacao can be used beautifully in the coaching process. It allows us to get more easily beyond our conscious mind, connect with our inner self (with our inner compass) and thus more easily find the optimal solution to our life situation.

Probably the most common way of using cacao rituals are women’s and miscellaneous circles, full of sharing, mutual support, dancing and relaxing into the time spent together without evaluation and judgment.

However, cacao also has enormous potential when working on our partner relationships or on our relationship with ourselves. During the ritual, we ca use its power of opening human hearts to deepen our relationships. This kind of rituals fits beautifully to working with conscious touch as part of tantric or another kind of massages. When before the massage, we enjoy a cup of cacao medicine, we put an intention in it and then we enter the massage with this intention the miracles can happen.

The price of Cacao ceremonies ranges from 2,000 CZK depending on the length, venue and number of participants.
Please contact me for a specific price offer.

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